PSK Mk1 Belt Pouch

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The PSK Mk1 Pouch will make an excellent add on to your kit. "PSK" stands for Personal Survival Kit. This pouch includes an empty storage tin, commonly referred to as the "Atloids" tin(our included tin is unpainted). This tin is widely used as a container for building a survival kit. Available in Brown only.


  • Pouch is made from 7oz leather and belt loop is made from 9oz leather, both from the Wickett & Craig Tannery.
  • Tin dimensions: 3.9" long x 2.45" wide x .875" height.
  • Double Button Snap Lid, and Belt Loop
  • Cross Over Strap to prevent the flap from being opened unintentionally.

**Firesteel and firesteel loop are OPTIONAL. Survival kit items are NOT INCLUDED.