Carabiner Sheath Adapter - Add On

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Carabiner and leather attachment only. This is for those that want to add on to their existing belt loop adapter. This fits our standard 1.5" wide belt loop adapters.

Looking for a fast way to attach and detach your sheath? This carabiner allows you to rapidly snap the sheath onto a loop on your pack, or a pants belt loop. This carabiner also has a lock for added security.

Only available with Black leather.

**A note on using this on pants belt loops. Be sure to inspect your pants belt loops and make sure they are stitched well, and in good shape. You dont want to loose your sheath because your cheap pant's belt loop came stitched. Most rugged outdoor pants have reinforced belt loops. If you are using pants that do not have reinforced belt loops than I'd consider using the leather loop option that we sell, or reinforcing the specific pants belt loop your intend to use with this.