Knife Sheath Lead Time - 10 Weeks


Current Lead Time - 10 Weeks

All of our Knife Sheaths are Made to Order. This means that we build your order to your exact specifications, and therefore we do not stock an inventory for our knife sheaths. The only exceptions would be sheaths found in The Depot section of our website, which would be factory 2nds, or prototype sheaths. The only items we actively stock would be items in our "Quick Ship Gear" category.

You can see what products are Made to Order or a Stocked Item by what is shown under "Availability" at the top of each product page.

Every order placed for a Made to Order product is built in the order in which it was received.

This lead time applies to the date that the order was placed. Please take note of this for your order. We change our lead time based on our current work load, so this only applies to orders placed today. This means that a change in our posted lead time does not affect your order while it is in our production schedule.


Lead time history. These dates refer to the day your order was placed.

November 1st to December 2nd = 8 weeks

December 3rd to TODAY = 10 weeks