Universal Axe Sheath - Factory 2nd

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FACTORY 2ND's. These Axe sheaths will have cosmetic blemishes, but are perfectly functional.

Made from 9-10oz Wickett and Craig Leather, and featuring a Paracord and Snap retention strap. One of the issues with building axe sheaths is the retention strap needs to be fitted to the particular axe it will be used on. We've made a solution that fixes this problem and allows us to provide axe sheaths to fit a many different axe sizes. To set the retention strap, place the axe into the sheath, and pull the paracord tight through the grommets on the back side. Make a mark with a Sharpie on the paracord right where it is exiting the grommet. This is the mark where you want to tie the knot. Pull the axe out of the sheath, and tie a knot on each side of paracord right at your mark. Then cut the excess paracord about 1/8" past the knot. Melt the paracord with a lighter so that melts into the knot, this will lock the knot in place so that it does not come undone. We provide a piece of shrink tubing that can be used to keep the two lengths of paracord together.

Available in Brown Leather Only.