SAK Belt Pouch

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We were approached by Kevin Estela to produce a belt pouch for the ever popular Swiss Army Knife. Our pouch design is an adaptation of our Leatherman pouch, as well as your GP-NAV compass pouch design. The pouch is made from 7oz Wickett & Craig leather, and is wet molded for specifically for the SAK line of knives. The belt loop features a directional "Pull the Dot" snap, which allows for quick attachment/removal to your belt, without the risk of the button snap inadvertently coming unfastened. The belt loop will accommodate up to a 2" wide belt loop. Both button snaps are recessed below the surface of the leather inside the pouch to eliminate the chance of scratching your handle scales.

We offer the SAK Belt Pouches in 2 sizes, the "3L", and "4L". These sizes refer the the tool layers of the knife models. For SAK models with 1-3 layers, these would fit the 3L pouch. For SAK models with 4 layers, these would fit the 4L pouch. For example, the Farmer is a 3 layer tool, and would use the 3L pouch. The Huntsman is a 4 layer tool and would use the 4L pouch.

These pouches will only fit 93mm(i.e. Farmer), or 91mm(i.e. Hiker) length SAK knives.

You may refer to SAK Wiki for more info on SAK models -

There are alot of SAK models out there that can vary in thickness due to additional features, if you are unsure of the fit with your particular SAK model, please contact us with the measurements of your knife.