Important Announcement

June 1st marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Sagewood Gear. It has been an incredible journey, and we are blessed with what we have accomplished.

On June 15 2022, we have discontinued our Made to Order Knife Sheaths. These specific knife sheath designs, and the customizable ordering process are no longer available. We are not finished with making Knife Sheaths, but we are shifting to different opportunities. Our focus will be on expanding our X-MOD knife sheath line, batch production work (for knifemakers, stores, etc), and other accessory products.

In regards to our X-MOD knife sheath line, please be aware that the range of X-MOD sheath offerings will be far less than what we are currently offering for knife manufactures. With the high cost of development, and the challenges with stocking a large inventory, we are only focusing on the most popular knives out there. At this time, we only have the following knives in line for X-MOD sheath development for this year - ESEE3, ESEE4, ESEE5, and ESEE6. This means that there are no guarantees that will will offer sheaths for other knives we currently have listed on the website. For many knives, we will never offer knife sheaths for them again.

For those that own our Scout sheaths, that do not own the Vertical Carry Conversion, these will be discontinued this summer when we sell out the rest of our inventory. So if you are wanting one, I suggest ordering soon.

For customers with sheaths currently on order, this does not effect your order. Production for remaining orders will continue as normal.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We thank you for all of your support over these years.

Thank you,

Brian Gustad

Owner, Lead Craftsman


Our Discontinued Knife Sheaths can be viewed here - 

Made to Order Knife Sheaths


For customers with a current knife sheath order, the lead time page can be found here for reference -

Made to order Knife Sheath Lead Time Page