Knife Sheath Lead Time - 12 weeks




Existing orders are being built on schedule. This page will remain for reference until our backlog orders are completed.

Current Lead Time - 12 Weeks

ALL of our Knife Sheaths are Made to Order. This means that we build your order to your exact specifications, and therefore we do not stock an inventory for our knife sheaths. The only exceptions would be sheaths found in The Depot section of our website, which would be factory 2nds, or prototype sheaths. The only items we actively stock would be items in our "Quick Ship Gear" category.

You can see what products are Made to Order or a Stocked Item by what is shown under "Availability" at the top of each product page. You can also look at the SKU (Part Number). If it starts with an "S" its a stocked item, and ships in a few days. If it starts with an "M" its a Made to Order item, and it subject to our current lead time.

Why does it take you that long to build a sheath?

It doesn't. The actual production time for each sheath is only a couple of hours, and its built in a small batch of other sheath orders over the course of a couple of days, as it travels between various work stations throughout the build process. We have a large backlog of other customers orders, and we build each sheath in the order it was received. This is the nature of small scale, hand made production work. We have a set amount of orders we can build in one week, so with high demand it increases our backlog, and stretches out our wait time.

Please note that this lead time is our best estimate. We try to provide an accurate lead time, but any unforeseen delays may setback our production schedule (weather, family emergencies, supply chain issues, global pandemic, WW3 etc). If your order is past the posted lead time, please contact us for an update on the shipping date of your order.

Under normal circumstances, you will only receive 2 email notifications from us for your order, the Order Confirmation, and the Shipment Confirmation.

Lead time history. These dates refer to the day your order was placed.

March 15th to April 24th= 8 Weeks

April 26th to May 31st = 10 weeks

June 1st to June 15th = 12 Weeks

This lead time applies to the date that the order was placed. Please take note of this for your order. This lead time will also be listed at the bottom of your Order Confirmation email.

We change our lead time based on our current work load, so this only applies to orders placed today. This means that a change in our posted lead time does not affect your order while it is in our production schedule. We review this lead time weekly, and change as necessary. No change means the lead time is still the same.