Sagewood Gear builds rugged, adaptable outdoor equipment that has been meticulously designed, and expertly crafted to outfit those of us with the adventurous spirit. We are those individuals who look for the blank spots on the map, take the trails less traveled, and explore the far reaches of our world. It is through this unrelenting exploration that we discover and define who we truly are. What we once feared we now embrace, what were once dreams are now incredible stories, and what was once our imagination is now our reality. Grab your gear, plot your course, and get moving.

Our products are in use on nearly every continent, by many diverse individuals including Service Members, Fire and Rescue Personnel, Backpackers, and Adventurers. We strive to build the absolute best product, and the feedback we receive from our customers has helped us to continually refine and perfect our work. Our vision is to become a renowned outdoor equipment company, and our customers have helped us move closer to that goal. Without our faithful following, we would not be where we are today.

We are located in Duluth Minnesota, a city known for its hand crafted goods such as Frost River, Duluth Pack, and Empire Canvas works, just to name a few. Minnesota has a lot to offer for areas to explore in the great outdoors, and we take full advantage to get out as often as we can to devise and test new products. A great product is not perfected within the shop walls, it is perfected through many hours of real world use.


 Sagewood Gear - Brian Gustad

"Thank you for discovering Sagewood Gear. It is my primary goal to design and build products that will inspire you to get outdoors, and live an adventurous life. What we do here is not just about building a great product, but for us to skillfully craft that trusted piece of gear that you will carry with you on all of your expeditions. I wish you all the best, and I hope that you undertake in many extraordinary adventures."

Never Cease from Exploration.

-Brian J. Gustad