Kydex Firesteel Loop

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Product Overview

Universal Kydex Firesteel Loop

Precision molded from .080" kydex. Comes with all necessary hardware for mounting on both eyelets or slots (see image above). Available in 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" firesteel diameters.

Type A: Eyelet Spacing .5" to 1.0"(13mm to 25mm)

Type B: Eyelet Spacing .90" to 1.5" (23mm to 38mm)

 All ESEE Factory Knife Sheaths use a Type B Firesteel Loop



Rubber washer goes in between firesteel loop, and kydex sheath. Use Oval Head Screws for mounting into eyelets, or use Truss Head Screws for mounting into slots.


Commonly Available Firesteels by Size:


Sagewood Gear FR3/8 Delrin Handle Firesteel

Light My Fire Firesteel - Army Model


Exotac FireROD


Light My Fire Firesteel - Scout Model


**Firesteel loops for 1/2" rods are not available at this time.**



(No reviews yet) Write a Review