4 Tips on How to Make an Epic Adventure Weekend

Posted by Brian Gustad on Jun 3rd 2022

4 Tips on How to Make an Epic Adventure Weekend

Most of us work a typical Monday through Friday Job. This leaves the weekend to be our only time available to get out and explore. Are you using your time wisely and embarking on an epic adventure, or are you succumbing to mediocrity? Instead of making the best of the time we have available we often let our comfort zone take over and choose the depressing route of mediocrity. This usually results in us staring at our phones watching other people get out and have amazing experiences.

Sometime you just need to change it up a bit. Here are some ideas to make your weekend adventures more exciting.

Find a new place to explore.

Open up Google Maps and search for the Green areas. These indicate State/Federal land. This is a good place to start when searching for areas to explore. Just remember that maps are only a representation, so do your due diligence to confirm these areas are open to the public. Another good resource is County Plot maps. Many State's Counties have a digital mapping applications on their website, and you can use this to view property lines of public and private land.

Bust out the map and compass.

Find a spot on a map, and navigate to it using only a map and compass. Don’t know how? There is a ridiculous amount of information on Land Navigation on the web, so lack of resources is not an excuse. Find yourself a good sized tract of land, but somewhere that you can easily bail out should you really get yourself lost. Pro Tip: Don't get lost.

Mapping Resource: www.caltopo.com

Land Navigation Info: http://briangreen.net/2010/08/using-compass-basics.html

Turn your hike into a Mission.

You can put a self-imposed time restraint on your hike, with specific objective points. For example, I need to reach Point A, B and C by 12:00, and I need to get there though Route X, Y, and Z. This would be an excellent time to use those Land Navigation skills.

But I can’t get out this weekend, what do I do?!?

Research and Plan. If you want to experience epic adventures, than you’ll need to do some planning. Avoid mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, and instead use this time to research locations, explore maps, and brush up on important skills. If you are like me and have a very busy schedule, you can plan out bigger excursions instead of many small ones. Think Quality over Quantity. Your valuable time can then be spent in far off places instead of the local park.

Never Cease from Exploration

Brian Gustad, Founder