Belt Clip Mount

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Product Overview

**This is for the belt clip only, a kydex sheath adapter is sold separately. You can purchase those here - Kydex Sheath Adapter

Belt Clip Mount, made to be used with our products that utilize a 1.5" wide belt loop components. Made from 9.5oz Wickett & Craig leather, reinforced with .125" Kydex. Allows for quick attachment to your belt. Can be mounted in a fixed position (non pivoting) to your sheath, or can be used with the Dangler Adapter.

Threadlocker is recommended for the hardware. You can purchase some here - Loctite 242 (Blue) Threadlocker

Compatible with-

Belt Loop Sheath Adapter

Vertical Carry Conversion

Randall Sheath

X-MOD Sheath


Available with these belt clip options-

1.5" FOMI (Plastic)

1.75" FOMI (Plastic)

1.5" DCC Monoblock (Metal)






(No reviews yet) Write a Review