Diamond Field Sharpener

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Product Overview

The Diamond Field Sharpener was designed to be a means of having a small, compact, yet capable knife sharpening tool with you at all times while in the field. The Diamond grit plated rod is 5/16" in diameter, and is a Medium grit sharpener. We chose the Medium grit for this sharpener as its intended to quickly repair a damaged cutting edge in the field, be it for your knife, axe, tomahawk, or machete. While a Fine grit can suffice, it can also be very time consuming to repair damage to a cutting edge.

Also available is the shock cord lanyard stud for sheath mounted carry using our Kydex Mounting Loop  (Size 5/16")

Micarta Handles coming soon!


Diamond Rod Grit - Approx. 400 grit

Diamond Rod Diameter - .307"

Handle Diameter - .688"

Exposed Ceramic Rod Length - 2.5" and 3.5"



(No reviews yet) Write a Review