Micarta Pocket Compass

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Micarta Pocket Compass

The compass is one of your most important pieces of equipment in the backcountry. The key principle for the design of this compass was to have a small compact backup compass, that could actually be used to navigate with a map.

The compass capsule is set into a 1/4" (6mm) thick piece of Micarta, and features a direction arrow for achieving a higher accuracy with use from the small compass capsule, and relief cuts for the lanyard hole to keep the base of the compass flat on the map.

 20mm Grade AA Compass Capsule, Made in Japan.

Dimensions- 1.75" x 1" x .25" (44mm x 25mm x 6mm)

 Please note that oil filled compasses may have tiny bubbles appear, and disappear depending on altitude, atmospheric pressure, and/or temperature. If these bubbles do appear, they will not affect the accuracy or function of your compass.


To acquire a compass bearing with a map:

1. Set the compass on to the map, and align one of the long edges with a direction of travel.

2. Without moving the compass on the map, rotate your body until the compass dial aligns with Map North.

3. Note where the white arrow is pointing on the compass dial. This is your direction of travel. (You may need to account for Declination in your geographic area).

4. Hold the compass with your thumbs on the back near the lanyard hole, and your index fingers along with sides. This will align your body to the compass

5. Rotate your body until the direction arrow lines up with your compass bearing that you pulled from the map.

6. Move to your point of destination, periodically checking your compass direction.


With practice, you should be able to achieve 15 degrees of accuracy with this method.





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    Posted by Matt Stoffolano on Nov 24th 2021

    Solid work up in a small package !