Sheath Adapter Baldric Add-On

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Product Overview

This Baldric Adapter mounts to both our Pancake and Taco Sheath Adapters. This can be mounted to a sheath adapter by itself, or with our Standard Belt Loop, or Belt Clip Mount. Using this with our Dangler Belt Loop is not recommended. Made from 1/8" kydex (the thickness kydex you can get). From our Stress Testing, this little component has proven to be exceptionally strong.

This can be used with our Baldric Shoulder Strap

You can also use this with a paracord as a makeshift shoulder strap.

Note: The Grommet Inside Diameter is .220" (5.5mm). If you choose to use your own shoulder strap, be sure to measure the hook so that it will fit inside the grommets.


Installation Video:



(No reviews yet) Write a Review