ESEE3 X-MOD Sheath

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ESEE3 X-MOD Sheath

The X-MOD Knife Sheath is the most advanced leather knife sheath on the market. When we set out to design this knife sheath, we focused on improving all aspects of using a knife sheath in the Backcountry. The design is ambidextrous, and completely modular. You can set up the sheath in ANY configuration you would like. The sheath body is made from Top Grade 9.5oz Wickett & Craig leather, and utilizes a rigid composite welt (the middle layer of a knife sheath). This rigid welt keeps the sheath from flexing, something that is common with all leather knife sheaths. The knife is retained by 2 Precision Molded Kydex Retention Panels that are attached to the upper part of the sheath with machine screws. These kydex panels allow for what is called "Passive Retention", meaning there is no component that you need to unfasten, or unsnap (such as a retention strap) in order to draw the knife from the sheath.

This sheath is compatible with the ESEE3 standard handle scales, the 3D scales, as well as TKC scales.

The X-MOD Sheath is available to order in either Vertical Carry, Scout Carry, or Both. When ordering Both, you will receive 1 sheath, with both carry components.

The Vertical Carry option comes with the Standard Belt Loop, but additional belt loop carry options are-

Dangler Belt Loop

Belt Clip Mount

A Firesteel/Sharpener Loop can be added to the sheath as well. You can use either the Type A, or Type B, however each one will work better for each carry option. If you are intending on carrying the sheath in one configuration more often than the other(as in Vertical Carry more often than Scout), then it may be best to choose the type that is best suited to that carry. Type A is best for Vertical Carry, and Type B is best for Scout Carry. Again, each one will work on both, its just that each one mounts more simply than the other in each configuration.

Firesteel/Sharpener Loop


 Threadlocker is recommended for the hardware. You can purchase some here - Loctite 242 (Blue) Threadlocker


NOTICE: This Sheath will ONLY fit the ESEE3. Knife is NOT included. Firesteel, Sharpener, and/or mounting loop are sold separately.


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Chuck on Jan 24th 2024

    This may be the best custom sheath that I own. I would love to see this made for my Esee 5.

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    Esee 3 Knife Sheath

    Posted by D on Jan 3rd 2024

    Absolutely beautiful workmanship. This sheath is a work of art. Great blade retention.

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    Posted by Derrick Noble on Jun 16th 2023

    I have had many custom sheets made for me. Really nice ones and this is one of the best I’ve ever had made for me. The construction is very simple and straightforward. Everything aligns very nicely, and I have a mixture of kydex and leather together, it feels like this sheets will last for me to give it to my grandson. Extremely nice and professionally constructed. Can’t say enough good things about it. I feel like a literally got the better end of the deal regarding the price, I paid for this. I would’ve paid more.

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    ESEE3 X-MOD Sheath

    Posted by Steven C Beck on Mar 8th 2023

    I purchased my first Sagewood Gear (SG) XMOD sheath for a Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 as soon as it was available last year.

    The quality of the new XMOD line of sheaths is excellent and I’d been waiting to purchase one for my ESEE 3 which only became available earlier this year.

    SG’s previous line of all-leather sheaths had more character and I was lucky enough to have purchased one for my ESEE 5 before they stopped making them. But then I like scruffy, old, worn-in leather boots, belts. and gloves. High quality leather things used regularly develop a custom fit and patina-of-use that can not be replicated. So, SG’s previous all-leather line of sheaths had a certain appeal to me. It appears that I am in the minority on this. Based on how rarely quality leather sheaths are provided these days, most people must like kydex/polymer sheaths. Most people are wrong, of course, but if you prefer to be wrong, you’re in luck. You have lots of options.

    The new XMOD style is of equal quality to the previous line but you can see where they opted for a more easily produced approach to production when comparing the old style with the new, side by side. That said, I’m very happy with the new sheaths. The plastic/polymer bits are well matched to the quality and craftsmanship of the leather and I grudgingly admit they provide a level of knife retention security that would be impossible to provide with leather straps and brass snaps.

    I look forward to other offerings from Sagewood Gear as they flesh out knife compatibility as most knives today ship with sheaths that are clearly more of an afterthought.

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    Esee3 X-Mod Sheath

    Posted by Paul Copp on Mar 1st 2023

    I've loved this knife for years, but so disliked the sheath it came in that I've rarely used it. This Sagewood Gear sheath solves my problem--and more than that, it's beautifully made, holds the knife securely, and is light and comfortable on the belt.